Scouting Assignments

While you should have one scout, who should ideally have good Judging Player Ability and Tactical Knowledge attributes, reporting on your next opposition, the rest of your scouting team should be assigned to scout for potential new signings in various geographical areas and competitions. Depending on the stature of your club, your Board may place restrictions on the regions you are allowed to scout. If this is the case then the restriction will be shown on the Overview section of the Boardroom tab. You can click Interact with Board to request that the scouting range be improved. However, you may need to increase the stature of your club in order for the Board to accept this request.

To view current assignments and set a new assignment for a scout, select the Assignments section of your club's Scouting tab and click New Assignment in the Assignments panel. You are then able to select a scout and the type of assignment you want to send him on, while you can also specify some conditions that players must meet to be scouted. If sending a scout to scout a region then checking the Roaming tick box  means that the scout will automatically move to another country in that region after finishing his assignment in one country.

You can request an update on the players a scout has found on his current assignments from his More Actions drop-down menu. By sending a scout on an assignment for known talent he will provide you updated reports on recommended players that he already has knowledge of.

In addition to scouting assignments, you can use scouts, along with possibly your assistant manager and any other staff member with good scouting attributes, to directly scout potential targets you have identified. Players can be scouted for up to three matches by using the Get Scout Report drop-down menu when viewing the player, while you can also choose to add a player to your scouting pool to be scouted whenever a member of your scouting team becomes available. You can view and edit the list of players on your scouting pool from the Pool section of the Scouting screen.

Assigning Your Scouts

Your best scout should be your preferred choice when deciding to scout a potential target that has either appeared in the reports of any of your other scouts, has been recommended in backroom advice, or who you have discovered yourself. Once you have a report for a player, obtained from any of your scouts, and have decided to seriously consider bidding for him, you should use this scout to watch the player in three matches. This will enable you to uncover as accurate a report on the target as possible before making a bid. Rather than being otherwise inactive, this scout can be assigned to scout the World, if you are allowed by your Board to scout globally, so that he can generally increase the global knowledge of your scouting network and possibly find players that would not otherwise be discovered. By selecting New Talent rather than World in the drop-down list of assignments you can also send him to scout the world specifically for new talent.

Several other good scouts can then be assigned to the best leagues and nations around the world, particularly if you have them loaded in your game (and again, only if allowed by your Board). These most notably include England, Spain and Italy, while you should also send scouts to nations that have a reputation for producing quality young players such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile in South America, Mexico in North America, France, Germany, Croatia, Holland and Portugal in Europe and African nations such as Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Cameroon. It would be advisable to assign particular scouts to these nations based on their knowledge level of the nations if possible, as this will help increase the number of players found and reduce the time it takes for assignments to be completed. Furthermore, it is particularly useful to scout these nations for young players shortly after new players have been generated in order to discover the best youth prospects as soon as possible. You can instruct a scout to only search for young players by including an Age condition when adding a new assignment. See Newgen Creation Dates for details of when new players are created in these nations. You may also want to manually look for new young players in these countries shortly after the given dates by browsing the top clubs in each nation.

Your remaining scouts can then be assigned to various youth leagues and competitions, both domestically and elsewhere, as well as on roaming assignments for new talent. Scouts with good Judging Player Potential would be preferable for this, but the main aim is to increase the number of young players that can be found, and subsequently scouted, using the player search filters on the Player Search screen. 

Newgen Creation Dates

8th March – Croatia, France and Germany

13th March – England

18th March – Italy and Portugal

23rd March - Mexico

25th March – Holland

28th March – Spain

2nd April – Argentina

19th September – Chile

20th September – Brazil

3rd October – Cameroon, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and other African Nations

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