Scouting assignments determine where your scouts go to search for players to provide reports on.

To properly benefit from an effective scouting network you should take the time to set up scouting assignments yourself. To do this you will first need to make sure that you have not delegated this task to either your chief scout or director of football on the Club section of the Staff Responsibilities screen.

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Scouting Range

Your scouting range is set by the board and determines the areas of the world that you are allowed to send scouts to. Depending on the stature of your club you may be restricted to scouting in your own nation, your local region, or your continent, or you may be allowed to scout globally.

You can view your current scouting range on the Boardroom Overview screen, and can ask the board to increase the scouting range in the Networking category of the Board Meeting screen. However, the board may reject your request if you have not yet increased the stature of your club.

Managing Scouting Assignments

You can manage scouting assignments on the Assignments section of the Scouting screen.

To set a new assignment click the New Assignment button then select the name of a scout from the Scout drop-down and the type of assignment from the Location drop-down. You can also specify some conditions that players must meet to be included in the scout's search. For example, you can set a minimum potential ability to avoid poor quality players, or a maximum age to search for younger players. Regardless of the conditions you set though, you will be able to filter the players a scout has found on his Reports screen if you want to search for specific types of player.

The Reports column shows the number of players found on each assignment. You can view the players found by selecting an assignment and then clicking View Reports in the bottom-right corner. This will take you to the relevant scout's Reports screen where you can also use the filter by assignment drop-down list to view players the scout has reported on outside of his current assignment.

You can request an update on the players a scout has found on his current assignment by right-clicking the scout and selecting Get Update On Scouting Assignments.

Types of Scouting Assignment

Next Opposition - the scout will provide you with a report on the opposition team a few days before each match. This can help you with your tactical planning.

Competition - the scout will provide reports on players who play for teams in the selected competition.

Nation - the scout will provide reports on players in the selected nation.

Region - if roaming is not selected the scout will provide reports on players in a single nation of his choice within the selected region.

Region (Roaming) - if roaming is selected the scout will provide reports on players in multiple nations of his choice within the selected region, one nation at a time.

World (Roaming) - the scout will provide reports on players in multiple nations of his choice, one nation at a time.

Players (Preferred Region) (Roaming) - the scout will first provide reports on players he is already aware of in the selected region. He will then provide reports on other players in multiple nations of his choice within the region, one nation at a time. He will increase his knowledge of the scouted nations more quickly than on the other types of assignment.

Roaming assignments can make it easier to gain reports on players without continually giving a scout new assignments. However, they should not be used if you want to specify yourself the nations a scout should go to and the order he should visit them in.

Where to Assign Scouts

Firstly, you should ensure that you have one scout assigned to scout your next opposition. The rest of your scouting team should be assigned to scout for players in various nations, regions and competitions.

However it is advisable to concentrate largely on scouting specific nations rather than sending your scouts to roam regions, as long as you are willing to put the effort in to continually reassign your scouts when assignments are finished. This will give you more control over which nations are scouted.

Those nations you should prioritise when scouting depend on the nation of the club you manage. Generally though, you should focus on the following:

  • The nation in which you manage and other nearby nations.
  • Other large nations in order of the reputation of their highest division (e.g. England, Spain, Germany and Italy). To view divisions in order of reputation browse to Overview, then World, then Competitions from the appropriate drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen.
  • The nations that tend to produce the best newgens. These are summarised below.

If you do not have a nation loaded in your game and have not asked the game to specifically load players from that nation then there will be less players there for your scouts to find. You should therefore give lower priority to scouting such nations.

If you have further scouts to utilise then sending them to roam regions can help you learn of any talent in less obvious nations. In addition, you may want to assign one or more scouts to various youth competitions to search for young prospects not picked up on your other assignments.

Best Youth Production

New young players are brought into the game world, or generated, on a regular basis. These players are known as newgens. The nations given below tend to produce the highest quality newgens.

Excellent - Brazil, Germany

Very Good - Argentina, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Turkey

Good - Egypt, Holland, Nigeria, USA

Okay - Algeria, Columbia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Portugal

Newgen Creation Dates

Listed below are the dates when newgens are generated in each of the above nations. It is advisable to send a scout to each of these nations to search for young players (using an age filter) on or soon after the date given in order to source the best prospects before rival clubs. You may also want to manually look for new young players in these countries shortly after the given dates by browsing the top clubs in each nation.

22nd February - Russia

26th February - Mexico

8th March - France, Germany and Turkey

13th March - England

18th March - Italy and Portugal

25th March - Holland

28th March - Spain

2nd April - Argentina

27th August - Japan

20th September - Brazil

28th September - Columbia

3rd October - Algeria, Egypt, Ivory Coast and Nigeria

27th December - USA

Which Scouts to Assign

Nations and regions

Because a scout's previously gained knowledge can be lost when gaining new knowledge in another nation, you should be careful when selecting which scout to assign to a particular nation or region. Ideally, each scout should focus on a select few nations, preferably in the same region, rather than being randomly assigned to various nations across the world.

Some of your scouts may already possess good knowledge in a few different nations, and this approach can help them to maintain this knowledge. For your other scouts, or those with knowledge in nations already covered by others in your scouting team, this approach can help build up their knowledge in selected nations and therefore increase the knowledge of your scouting network.

Furthermore, this approach will increase the efficiency of scouting assignments as each scout will, at least in time, be assigned to the nations that he has the highest knowledge in.

Next Opposition

The scout assigned to your next opposition should ideally have a good Tactical Knowledge attribute.

Young Players

When searching specifically for young players, either by using an age filter or scouting a youth competition, it is best to use a scout with good Judging Player Potential.

Senior Players

If you are searching specifically for established players then it is best to use a scout with good Judging Player Ability.

Scouting Specific Players

You can also ask any of your scouts, your assistant manager or other another staff member to scout a specific player who you have identified yourself, has been recommended to you in your backroom advice or has already been reported on during a scouting assignment.

You should do this whenever you have highlighted a player who you may be interested in signing, and where possible you should use your scout (or other staff member) with the highest Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential for this purpose.

Even if you already have a report on the player from another scout, asking for another report from your best scout will ensure that you receive the best available opinion on the player, as well as an up to date report.

If you are still interested in the player following this scout report then it is advisable to request the same scout to watch the player in his next three matches, as long as he is featuring in matches in a playable league. This will enable you to gain as accurate a report as possible before making a bid.

To request a scout report on a player use his Get Scout Report drop-down menu to select your desired scout. Alternatively, you can choose to add the player to your scouting pool to be scouted whenever a member of your scouting team becomes available. You can view and edit the list of players on your scouting pool from the Pool section of your club's Scouting screen.

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