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Preferred move training can be used to train a player to learn a new preferred move or unlearn any undesired preferred move he already has. Player tutoring can also be used to teach a player to learn new preferred moves.

The Player Preferred Moves guide provides an explanation of each preferred move and advice on whether or not you should train or tutor your players to learn or unlearn preferred moves.

The time the training takes to complete will vary, but it may take several months and the player is not guaranteed to learn the move.

It is particularly important to be sure that a preferred move will be beneficial for a player before giving him preferred move training, not only because of the time the training may take to complete, but also because the training will add to the player's individual workload, meaning that you may have to restrict other training in order to manage his workload. It will also take a significant amount of individual training time away other individual training, making the other training less effective. Furthermore, you may wish to reduce or remove all other individual training while training a preferred move so as to maximise the amount of time the player spends on his preferred move training and therefore increase the chance of the training being successful.

The management of individual workloads and individual training time is discussed more in the Training Reports guide.

1. Setting up Preferred Move Training

When setting up preferred move training you will first need to select a coach to carry out the training. Shown in brackets next to each coach is his coaching style. This allows you to select a coach whose style is appropriate for the preferred move that you want to be trained. For example, you may ask a defensive coach to train a preferred move in the defending category.

Selecting a coach will start a private chat with him in which he may offer his own opinion on the suitability of the proposed training and may suggest an alternative preferred move to be learned instead. You can safely ignore your coach's advice and he will train the move you have selected. As discussed above, you should think carefully before starting preferred move training and you should be confident in your choice of preferred move.

2. Tutoring

If you can find a suitable tutor then tutoring can be a far more useful way of giving a player new preferred moves than using preferred move training. This is because of the time that preferred move training takes away from other individual training and also the additional benefits that tutoring can potentially provide, as explained in the Player Tutoring guide.