Guides marked FM 2015 have been updated to reflect new features and changes in FM 2015.

IntroductionFM 2015

An introduction to training your players.

Team TrainingFM 2015

How to use General Training and Match Training.

Individual TrainingFM 2015

How to use Training Reports and improve your players with Individual Training Focus, New Position Training and Preferred Move Training.

Assigning CoachesFM 2015

How to allocate training categories to your coaching staff.

Inverting the Pyramid
Guaranteed to give you a greater overall tactical knowledge and understanding.

The Manager: Inside the Minds of Football's Leaders
Learn how to think like a football manager.

Will You Manage?
Find out the skills needed to be a great manager and get essential tips for fantasy football success.

The Nowhere Men
Obtain a fascinating insight into the world of football scouts.

The Secret Player
Discover the hidden world of the professional footballer.

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