Specific Team Instructions

By now, your team should have a basic structure and general approach as determined by your chosen formation, mentality and team shape. The next stage of creating your tactic is to select your specific team instructions to more precisely define your desired tactical style. All of the specific team instructions available for you to use are discussed in detail below.

For each instruction the effects on your tactic are outlined so that you are aware of exactly how the instruction tells your players to alter their play from the style that has already been set by mentality and team shape.

It is then suggested how the instruction could be incorporated into a tactic, in particular focusing on its possible use with more defensive and more attacking mentalities.

Finally, a brief summary is provided of related abilities to help you decide whether the instruction suits the attributes of your players.

Details of which specific team instructions can be combined to create particular tactical styles will be provided next, in the Tactical Styles guide.

Read Inverting the Pyramid to further improve your tactical knowledge and understanding.

Note that it is not currently possible to view the exact tactical effects of team instructions in the game and so the effects detailed below are based on information from FM 2013. Any more recent modifications to the instructions may not be reflected in this guide.

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FM 2015

This guide has been updated for FM 2015.

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