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Your team instructions will broadly set out the tactical style that you chose when assessing your team.

The first of these instructions that will be discussed are mentality and team shape which, along with your formation, form the basis of your tactical system by giving your team a starting structure and general approach.

You can then fine tune your team's style using various specific team instructions, each of which will be explained in detail.

The final part of this section will bring everything together by suggesting appropriate instructions for each of the Tactical Styles introduced earlier.

How to Set Team Instructions

You can set team instructions on the Tactics Overview screen using the Mentality and Team Shape drop-downs and the Team Instructions button (to edit specific team instructions).

The process of selecting team instructions that set out a defined tactical style that suits the abilities of your players will be explained in the guides that follow.

Tactical Flexibility

Of course, there is more to the tactical side of football management than just creating a single tactic for general use. Tactical flexibility can be crucial to your success as a manager, and so it would be beneficial to create two or three different tactics for use at different times. In the Match Day section, the Tactical Planning guide will discuss suitable tactical approaches for use against different types of opposition team while the During the Match guide will look at how tactical changes can be made in reaction to different scenarios that you are likely to encounter during matches.

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