FM 15- This guide has been updated for FM 2015

For each position in your formation you will need to select a player role and duty. There are several different roles to choose from, each with up to three available duties.

Each possible role and duty combination in a particular position gives a different set of player instructions to whichever player is selected in that position. These instructions are also affected by your team instructions, as well as any specific player instructions that you set to further refine the player's behaviour later.

The three main duties are defend, support and attack. These essentially indicate how defensive or attacking the player's instructions are. For some roles an automatic duty can be set, which will effectively assign one of these three duties according to how defensive or attacking the currently set mentality is. Two further duties, stopper and cover, are also available for roles in the central defender positions but these will be discussed later.

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Provided below for each available player role (and its available duties) are:

  • The role's description - this is the description given for the role in the game. This should give you a basic idea of how a player is instructed to play when using a particular role and duty.
  • Active player instructions - these are the specific player instructions marked as already active for each role and duty combination as given in the game. This should give you a further understanding of how a player is instructed to play when using a particular role and duty.
  • Key attributes - these are the attributes considered to be the most important for each role and duty combination as given in the game. This should help you decide whether a player's attributes make him suitable for a particular role and duty.
  • Preferred moves - these include complementary preferred moves and potentially useful preferred moves. This should help you decide whether a player's preferred moves make him suitable for a particular role and duty. The complementary preferred moves are those that give a player a greater tendency to perform actions instructed by the role and duty. The useful preferred moves are those that you may wish to consider in particular for a player assigned that role to learn, not including any which give tendencies that can be essentially replicated by specific player instructions.

How to Choose Roles and Duties

Roles and duties should be chosen by considering the following:

  • Which roles and duties combine well together to achieve a balanced tactic - this will be discussed in detailed positional analyses for goalkeepers, central defenders, central midfielders, wide players and strikers. Generally speaking though, to create a well balanced tactic more defensive and more attacking roles and duties should be evenly mixed accross all areas of the pitch.
  • Which roles and duties suit your tactical style - this will also be discussed in each of the positional analyses.
  • Which roles and duties suit the abilities and preferred moves of your individual players - the role descriptions, key attributes, active player instructions and useful preferred moves given below can help you to assess this. Further information can be found in the positional analyses, the Specific Player Instructions guide and the Preferred Moves guide.

Selecting Auto Assign Roles and Auto Assign Duties from the Tactic drop-down menu will automatically assign a set of generic roles with balanced duties. However, as discussed earlier, the more structured your team shape is, the more important it is to specifically define each player's responsibilities by choosing more specialist roles.

The positional analyses will assume for simplicity that a flexible team shape is being used. You will also have to consider the effects of your chosen team instructions and specific player instructions on each player. For example, a Limited Defender will normally make more direct passes but these will be shortened if you are using the Play Out Of Defence team instruction.

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