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Guides marked FM 2015 have been updated to reflect new features and changes in FM 2015.

IntroductionFM 2015

An introduction to creating tactics.

Choosing a FormationFM 2015

How to fit your players into a tactical framework.

Team InstructionsFM 2015

How to set Mentality, Team Shape and Specific Team Instructions to implement a suitable Tactical Style.

Player InstructionsFM 2015

How to refine your tactical style using appropriate Roles and Duties for your Goalkeeper, Central Defenders, Central Midfielders, Wide Players and Strikers, how to make use of Playmaker & Target Man roles and how to gain extra control over your players using Specific Player Instructions.

Set PiecesFM 2015

How to prepare set pieces effectively to give your team an extra advantage.

Appointing a CaptainFM 2015

A complete list of points to consider when choosing your team's leader.

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