Your backroom team is made up of staff employed in distinct roles. Each staff role has its own standard responsibilities that require particular attributes. These responsibilites, along with the effects and importance of each of the required attributes, will be explained separately for the director of football, coaches, scouts and physios.

Role Familiarity

Staff need not necessarily be assigned one single role throughout their career and most will have a certain level of familiarity with more than one role. However, staff may be unwilling to work in unfamiliar roles or those with lower responsibility than they are used to.

A staff member's role familiarity can be viewed on his profile. The familiarity level for a particular role will increase the more time an individual spends working in that role.

Staff Responsibilities

To make your job as manager easier, on the Staff Responsibilities section of your club's Staff screen there are further responsibilities that you can choose to delegate to staff in certain roles which they will take on in addition to the standard responsibilities for their roles. These are grouped into club, first team, under 21s, under 18s and personal assistant responsibilities.

Club Responsibilities

On the Club section, there are various responsibilities relating to the general running of the club. For each of these you can choose either to carry out the responsibility yourself or assign it to someone else.

Taking Control of the Club

Ideally though, for your club to be run most effectively you will want to take control yourself of as many responsibilities as you can. For example:

  • Hiring staff yourself will enable you to build an effective backroom team as explained in this guide.
  • Making offers for players yourself can allow you to bring in good players that suit your tactics while also protecting your club's finances as much as possible.
  • Controlling contract negotiations and renewals yourself will help you to control your wage structure and give you an opportunity to decide whether or not you should renew a player's contract or try to sell him before it expires.
  • Finalising signings yourself will ensure that any transfer targets who you no longer want but who agree contract terms are not brought into your squad automatically. This can be useful if, for instance, you are negotiating to sign another player and want to delay the deal, or if it turns out that a signing requires an EU nationality to gain a work permit (which could mean he has to spend a few years playing for a feeder club in Europe).
  • Setting scouting assignments yourself will ensure that suitable scouts are scouting appropriate places at the right times
  • Running training yourself will enable you to properly prepare your players for matches and nurture their long term development.

However, you may not have time to control all tasks. In particular, finding clubs for your transfer listed players can be a tiresome task that you may want to delegate to your director of football or a director on the board.

Club Responsibilities That Require Staff

There are two responsibilities that you cannot perform yourself or assign to a director, and therefore require certain staff members to be employed. These are:

First Team Responsibilities

The First Team section allows you to delegate some of your responsibilities relating to management of your senior squad to your assistant manager if you do not want to control them yourself.

Again though, for more effective results it is advisable to ensure that these are unticked to give you full control. This will help avoid situations where your team is adversely affected by your assistant's press conferences or team talks. Furthermore, you are likely to benefit from better match performances by learning how to efficiently use press conferences, team talks and opposition instructions yourself.

You may want to instruct your assistant to arrange friendly matches and take control of friendlies so as to progress through pre-season earlier, however, he may not arrange the best friendlies for the club financially, or rotate the squad as effectively to get players match fit.

Unders 21s & Under 18s Resonsibilities

On the Under 21s and Under 18s tabs you can choose which coaches take control of those teams in matches, unless you already have staff employed in the under 21s manager and under 18s manager roles. You can also set whether your chosen coaches should use the same tactics as your first team, which can help your reserve and youth players become more familiar with your tactics for when they are brought into the senior squad.

In addition, you can choose whether they should arrange friendly matches, or whether you want to do this yourself.

Personal Assistant Responsibilities

Finally, the Personal Assistant section allows you to customise a few other minor settings in your game regarding transfers and backroom advice.

In particular, the Backroom Advice panel allows you to choose a certain staff member to give you advice in each topic area. This can be useful if you want to ensure that only the best staff in each area give you advice in that area.

You can check how knowledgable a staff member is in each area on the Information section of his Overview screen. Backroom Advice can be viewed at any time from your squad's Interaction tab.

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