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1. Responsibilities

Your physios help to reduce the likelihood of player injuries occuring, reduce the amount of time injuries last for and reduce the amount of time players' take to rehabilitate after injuries. They also give estimates of how long injuries will last for and provide monthly injury reports. You can use the Get Update On Injured Players button when viewing a physio to receive an injury report at any time.

Physios work with your senior squad, reserve squad and youth squad, while you can also employ reserves physios and youth physios to work specifically with those squads.

Your head physio, if you employ one, takes on the responsiblities of a normal physio and also provides you with injury reports, as well as fitness information on each player's training report.

There is debate as to whether physios help to reduce the likelihood of injuries and reduce recovery times or whether they only report on injuries. However, the official manual suggests that physios do work on both preventing and rehabilitating injuries.

2. Required Qualities

  • Physiotherapy - This is the most important attribute for physios. It affects how well a physio reduces the likelihood of injuries occuring, reduces injury times and reduces rehabilitation times.

The other attributes that are used by physios and the effects of these attributes are largely unclear. However, you can gain an idea of the probable important attributes for physios by searching for high reputation physios on the Staff Search screen and assessing their attributes.

Attributes that may be useful for physios include:

  • Fitness - This is suggested as an attribute to consider for physios in the official manual.
  • Man Management - As with coaches, this may help a physio work with senior players more effectively, making it particularly useful for your head physio and (non-reserve and non-youth) physios. It may also be useful for your head physio for managing the physio team.
  • Working With Youngsters - As with coaches, this may help a physio work with younger players more effectively, making it particularly useful for your youth physios and reserves physios.
  • Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating - As with coaches, these may make a physio's work generally more effective.
  • Adaptability - As with coaches, this presumably affects how well a physio settles at your club. It is particularly important for foreign physios who have not previously worked in your club's nation, especially if they do not speak the local language.

You can check a physio's nationality and languages spoken on the Nationalities tab on the Information section of his Overview tab.

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