This guide was written for FM 2014.

An important part of the financial management of your club is gaining control of player wages. To do this you should keep a close eye on your wage budget and ensure that you do not exceed it. You should also regularly review the contract expiry dates of your players and sort out each player's future in good time.

In addition, it is highly beneficial to implement a wage structure at your club. This will ensure that you only pay players what they are worth to your team.

Wage Budget

Your wage budget and current spending on wages are shown on the Overview section of the Boardroom screen. To keep the board happy you will need to keep your spending under the budget. You can check the board's happiness with your control of wages at any point on the Confidence section of the Boardroom screen.

On the Finances section, the Salary tab displays details of the wages being paid to players with each squad status (in the minimum, average, maximum and total columns), along with the maximum wage allowed by the board for each status (in the allowed column). You can alter the maximum wage limits if you need to by using the Budget Adjustment slider on the Boardroom Overview screen. Moving this slider to the left will increase your wage budget and lower your transfer budget. Therefore, you will only be able to do this if you have a transfer budget that you do not need to use.

Alternatively, on the Board Meeting section you can ask the board to increase your wage budget. This option is in the Finance category.

Wage Budget & Transfer Policy

By having a transfer policy that focuses on signing and developing cheap young players with good potential ability and selling players on for a profit you will be able to lower your net transfer spending, and therefore increase the amount that you can afford to pay on wages. Over time, this will enable you to afford to keep players with higher and higher reputations and so increase the stature of your club.

Contract Expiry & Renewing Contracts

It is important to have a system in place where you decide on a player's future at your club at a certain point before his contract expires. For an important player who you want to keep, renewing his contract early will help secure his future with your club and ward off interest from elsewhere which could cause him to increase his contract demands or even consider his future. For a player who is surplus to your requirements, you will want to sell him before his potential value falls as his contract nears expiry.

The easiest way to check when your players' contracts are due to expire is to use the Contract view on your Squad screen and order by the Expires column.

For young developing players and younger senior squad players it is advisable to sort out their futures when they have at least two years remaining on their current contracts. Those who are not yet close to reaching their full potential and others who you want to keep should be given longer term contracts where possible.

If a player asks for a substantial increase in his wages, particularly if this is above the maximum wage limit for his squad status or breaks your wage structure, as discussed below, then it may be preferable to sell him rather than agree to his demands. However, you should still consider whether you can sign him on a lower wage using other contract terms as explained in the Contract Negotiations guide. You also have the option to ask a player to reduce his wage demands in the Transfer and Contract category of his Private Chat.

For older players who are closer to the end of their careers it is best to offer new contracts later and you should negotiate shorter term deals, possibly with one-year extension clauses included. This will help you to avoid paying high wages to a player who is no longer good enough to justify them.

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