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1.1. Squad BuildingFM15

How to put together and maintain a well balanced squad structure.

1.2. Player Wages

How and why to maintain a good wage structure and when to renew contracts.

1.3. Player Morale & RelationshipsFM15

How to manage your squad's morale, build relationships and improve team cohesion.

1.4. Player FitnessFM15

How to manage the fitness of your squad.

1.5. Pre-Season PreparationFM15

How to prepare your squad effectively for the start of a new season using training and friendly matches.

1.6. Player DevelopmentFM15

How to improve your young players to reach their potential ability through Youth Training, Player Tutoring and Match Experience.

1.7. ScoutingFM15

How to optimise your club's Scouting Knowledge, when and where to send your scouts on Scouting Assignments, how to use your Scout Reports to assess potential transfer targets and how to find players using Player Search.

1.8. Signing Players

How to sign players for your club, including advice on Making a Transfer Offer, Making a Loan Offer and Contract Negotiations.

1.9. Selling Players

When and how to sell players from your squad.