Warning - you won’t find names such as To Madeira, Cherno Samba, Peter Prospar, and Tonton Zola Moukoko here.

By far the most realistic and enjoyable way to find the best players to sign on Football Manager is to hire scouts and use them to find and report on players, just like a real football club!

You can also use the Player Search feature to provide you with a list of suitable players in your club’s scouting range in any particular position, using filters to only show those players who possess the particular qualities that you have highlighted as important.

Maybe some of your signings will be failures and not develop as much as you hoped. But the fun comes from finding them yourself, with the help of your own staff, and then developing your young prospects over time to either become regular members of your senior squad or to move elsewhere, hopefully for a profit.

So try your best to avoid best players and top wonderkids lists, and experience the game how it should be played.

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