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SIASWelcome to Guide to Football Manager - the comprehensive guide to Sports Interactive's popular football management game. Learn how to master tactics, training, team talks and much more.

Guide Contents

Below are the full contents of the guide. Please note that some guides in the Transfers section are still based on FM 2013, but remain largely relevant to FM 2014. These will be updated in due course.

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Fully updated for FM 2014

An Introduction to tactics.

Guide to Choosing a Formation - How to fit your players into a tactical framework.

Guide to Team Instructions - How to set mentality, fluidity and specific team instructions to implement a suitable tactical style.

Guide to Player Instructions - How to refine your tactical style using appropriate Roles and Duties for your Goalkeeper, Central Defenders, Central Midfielders, Wide Players and Strikers, how to make use of Playmaker & Target Man roles, and how to gain extra control over your players using Specific Player Instructions.

Guide to setting up Set Pieces - How to prepare set pieces effectively to give your team an extra advantage.

Guide to Appointing a Captain - A complete list of points to consider when choosing your team's leader.


Fully updated for FM 2014

Introduction to training.

Guide to Team Training, including how to use General Training and Match Training.

Guide to Individual Training, including how to use Training Reports and improve your players with Individual Training Focus, New Position Training and Preferred Move Training.

Guide to Assigning Coaches - How to allocate training categories to your coaching staff.


Fully updated for FM 2014

Guide to Player Ability & Performance - The important factors that should be considered.

Guide to Player Attributes - Explanations of, and relationships between, all the visible attributes, and also Important Attribute Combinations needed for common actions.

Guide to Player Personalities - Explanations of each personality and which personalities to look for in players.

Guide to all player Preferred Moves and which types of player they are suitable for.


Fully updated for FM 2014

Introduction to staff.

Guide to Staff Attributes - An introduction to staff attributes.

Guide to Staff Roles - The responsibilities of each role and attributes required.

Guide to Signing Staff - How to hire a backroom team and important factors to consider.


Fully updated for FM 2014

Guide to Squad Building - How to put together and maintain a good squad structure.

Guide to Player Wages - How and why to maintain a good wage structure and when to renew contracts.

Guide to Player Morale & Relationships - How to manage your squad's mood, harmony and team cohesion.

Guide to Player Fitness - How to manage the fitness of your squad.

Guide to Player Development - How to improve your young players to reach their potential ability through Youth Training, Player Tutoring, First Team Experience and Event-Based Development.


Guide to scouting, including how to optimise your club's Scouting Knowledge, when and where to send your scouts on Scouting Assignments, how to use your Scout Reports to assess potential transfer targets and how to find players using Player Search.

Guide to Signing Players, including Making a Transfer Offer and Contract Negotiations.

Guide to Selling Players - When and how to sell players from your squad.

Match Day

Fully updated for FM 2014

Guide to Preparing for the Match - How to prepare your team for each match and select your starting line-up, and how to make use of Tactical Planning to exploit opposition weaknesses and counter opposition strengths.

Guide to Team Talks - How to give team talks, factors to consider and Guidelines on which talks to use in different match scenarios.

Guide to Opposition Instructions - which instructions to use against which players.

Guide to making tactical changes During the Match - what changes to make and when.

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