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1. Updates

17/07/2017: Added central attack role categories to Role Categories guide.

12/07/2017: Added central midfield and the flanks role categories to Role Categories guide.

03/07/2017: New Role Categories guide added to Tactical Theory. Further analysis of central midfield, the flanks and central attack role categories to be added.

19/03/2017: New Responsibility Distribution guide added to Tactical Theory.

27/02/2017: Revised Positional Responsibilities guide in Tactical Theory.

09/01/2017: New System Fluidity and Playing Styles guides added to the Tactics section.

31/12/2016: New Playing Styles guides added to Tactical Theory.

11/12/2016: New Tactical Structures guide added to Tactical Theory.

14/11/2016: New Tactical Roles and Positional Responsibilities guides added to Tactical Theory.

13/07/2016: Tactical Theory guides will now be published on GuidetoFootball.com.

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2. Tactics


2.1. Introduction FM16

An introduction to creating tactics.

2.2. Tactical Theory FM16

An analysis of tactical theory, including:

2.3. System Fluidity FM16

How to apply system fluidity to your team's playing system using the Team Shape team instructions, along with details of other appropriate types of team and player instruction to use with each type of system fluidity.

2.4. Playing Styles FM16

How to create a suitable playing style for your team using team and player instructions.

2.5. Assessing Your Team FM16

How to evaluate your players so that you can create a suitable tactic.

2.6. Choosing a Tactical Style

2.7. Tactical Instructions FM16

An analysis of the tactical instructions that you can use to create your tactic, including:

2.8. Creating a Tactical System

2.9. Creating a Tactical Style FM16

  • Overview
  • Attacking Football
  • Wide Play Football
  • Long Ball Football
  • Possession Football
  • Counter Attacking Football

2.10. Choosing a FormationFM15

How to fit your players into a tactical framework.

2.11. Team InstructionsFM15

An explanation of Mentality, Team Shape and Specific Team Instructions to help you to create a suitable Tactical Style.

2.12. Player InstructionsFM15

How to refine your tactical style using appropriate Roles and Duties for your Goalkeeper, Central Defenders, Central Midfielders, Wide Players and Strikers, how to make use of Playmaker & Target Man roles and how to gain extra control over your players using Specific Player Instructions.

2.13. Set PiecesFM15

How to prepare set pieces effectively to give your team an extra advantage.

2.14. Appointing a CaptainFM15

A complete list of points to consider when choosing your team's leader.

3. Players


3.1. Player Ability & PerformanceFM15

The important factors that determine current ability, potential ability and performance.

3.2. Player AttributesFM15

Explanations of all attributes and details of Attribute Combinations needed for different abilities.

3.3. Player PersonalitiesFM15

Explanations of all personality attributes and advice on which personalities to look for in players.

3.4. Player Preferred MovesFM15

Explanations of all the preferred moves and suggested types of player they can be useful for.

4. Staff


4.1. IntroductionFM15

An introduction to staff.

4.2. Staff RolesFM15

Explanations of the responsibilities and required qualities of each role, including detailed analyses of the manager, coaches, scouts and physios.

4.3. Signing Staff

What to consider when hiring a backroom team.

5. Training


5.1. IntroductionFM15

An introduction to training your players.

5.2. Team TrainingFM15

How to use General Training and Match Training.

5.3. Individual TrainingFM15

How to use Training Reports and improve your players with Individual Training Focus, New Position Training and Preferred Move Training.

5.4. Assigning CoachesFM15

How to allocate training categories to your coaching staff.

6. Squad


6.1. Squad BuildingFM15

How to put together and maintain a well balanced squad structure.

6.2. Player Wages

How and why to maintain a good wage structure and when to renew contracts.

6.3. Player Morale & RelationshipsFM15

How to manage your squad's morale, build relationships and improve team cohesion.

6.4. Player FitnessFM15

How to manage the fitness of your squad.

6.5. Pre-Season PreparationFM15

How to prepare your squad effectively for the start of a new season using training and friendly matches.

6.6. Player DevelopmentFM15

How to improve your young players to reach their potential ability through Youth Training, Player Tutoring and Match Experience.

6.7. ScoutingFM15

How to optimise your club's Scouting Knowledge, when and where to send your scouts on Scouting Assignments, how to use your Scout Reports to assess potential transfer targets and how to find players using Player Search.

6.8. Signing Players

How to sign players for your club, including advice on Making a Transfer Offer, Making a Loan Offer and Contract Negotiations.

6.9. Selling Players

When and how to sell players from your squad.

7. Match Day

Match Day

7.1. Preparing for the MatchFM 2015

How to prepare your team for each match and select your starting line-up, and how to make use of Tactical Planning to exploit opposition weaknesses and counter opposition strengths.

7.2. Team TalksFM 2015

How to choose team talks in different scenarios, along with a reference guide for Types of Team Talk.

7.3. Opposition InstructionsFM 2015

Which instructions to use against which players.

7.4. During the MatchFM 2015

How to make tactical changes in response to different match scenarios.

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